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We’re bringing you the story of a woman who inspired this brand and continues to inspire the employees at Jurlique today.

Ulrike Klein was born in 1943 in a little village in the Harz mountains, a picturesque and historically rich part of Germany.

Growing up in such a beautiful part of the world inspired Ulrike’s love of nature from an early age, while her family’s heritage of gardening and horticulture saw her develop an in-depth understanding of plants and herbs. These childhood experiences were to have a profound impact on Ulrike’s life.

In the 1960s, Ulrike’s passion for nature led her to study horticulture and education at university. She taught for five years before marrying Juergen Klein in 1972.

Together, she and Juergen founded a company, where they researched and extracted plant essences for use in food, cosmetics and paint. They created their first aromatherapy products long before aromatherapy became fashionable. And their vision – to produce a healing, plant-based skin care range using 100% pure ingredients – began to crystallise.

In 1983, Ulrike and Juergen’s search for the perfect place to realise this vision led them and their four young children to the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Two years later, they founded Jurlique.

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Over the next decade, Jurlique grew from these humble beginnings into a company that employed over 200 people across Australia, ran over 30 retail outlets, and exported to 18 countries.

As Jurlique continued to grow, Ulrike became increasingly focus on conducting the company’s seminars, workshops and herb farm tours. In doing so, she inspired woman of all ages to understand that health and beauty comes from within when we radiate the beauty and inner freedom we have when we live in harmony with ourselves.

Today, Ulrike divides her time between Adelaide and Eckernförde in Northern Germany, and remains passionate about Jurlique. She describes the company’s continuing success as “like seeing a child growing up and being successful – it fills me with pride. As long as I live, Jurlique will be part of my life.”

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