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This Mother’s Day, Jurlique partnered with sustainable artist Tara Kelly to create the design of our Mother’s Day gift sets. The Queensland-based artist, and mum of two, is also the founder of Hello Petals, the leading supplier of plantable cards in Australia and New Zealand.


Her vibrant artwork Moon Flower” is a celebration of Mother Nature, with a whimsical style and eye-catching colours that evoke a sense of sweet sentiment, perfect for the joyful celebration of Mother’s Day. We caught up with Tara to learn more about her connection to nature, the inspiration behind her work and her passion for the environment.


Inspired by Mother Nature


How important is Mother Nature in your life?

Fresh air and sunshine are both so grounding and rejuvenating. Even just 10 minutes out in the sunshine with a cup of tea is so therapeutic. Spending time in nature is essential for my well-being. I have always had a strong desire to do better when it comes to my lifestyle choices and how they affect our environment. This is our home and there’s ‘no planet b’. Making small changes where possible to protect Mother Nature is very important to me and is something I am guiding our children to do also.


How do you incorporate nature into your art?

It’s no secret that I love flowers. As Claude Monet says “I must have flowers,  always and always.” There is so much beauty to see in flowers; in their intricate anatomical arrangements. Each so unique and fascinating in its own way. I feel 100% true to myself and my work when I am painting flowers. I often see an arrangement or wildflowers on the side of the road and feel inspired to recreate its beauty.


Is there a mother figure in your life who inspires your work?

If there is ever a Mother figure to inspire me it would always be my Mum.

She is such an inspiration in countless ways and I consider myself to be incredibly blessed to have her in my life. Growing up I remember her as being artistic. I remember seeing her paints in the craft cupboard and a number of folk art pieces she had painted around our home. My artistic side is definitely a trait passed down from my Mum.  She has been such a big help in the studio packing lots of wonderful Hello Petal orders and chasing my very busy 1-year-old around.


What was your creative process behind the artwork?

Moon flower was one of the first works I created digitally. It was an exploration of colour and textures that paved the way for many of Hello Petal’s popular designs. It was created without intention, as some of the best pieces are. It was really an experimentation; to find my digital style, to get to know how the brushes flowed and carried each stroke.


What made you want to partner with Jurlique?

Jurlique and I share the same ethics when it comes to nature. To work with a like minded company who are passionate about what our environment has to offer, as well as how important it is to give back, is an exceptional opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I think we make a great fit.


Is there any Jurlique product you can’t live without?

I love the activating water essence, it is so hydrating and refreshing and prepares my skin for following products. I also love the hand cream trio. I don’t think I could choose just one. All three scents smell amazing and are so nourishing without feeling oily. I have one in my hand bag and a couple stashed around the house and studio for easy access.


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