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As pioneers in wellbeing, at Jurlique we’ve always believed that the healing and uplifting powers of Nature have a great part to play. The self-care phenomenon is more than a trend and here to stay so there’s never been a better time to get to know yourself and body more.

For cookbook author & food writer, Julia Busuttil Nishimura, our Softening Shower Gel Rose and Softening Body Lotion Rose is her go-to for a botanicals rich, replenishing ritual that nourishes the body and mind. Being a busy mother of two, finding a few mindful moments in the day for herself is a necessity. We had a chat with Julia and spoke about how she cultivates small rituals throughout her busy day to keep her rejuvenated and relaxed.

What does your body skin care ritual consist of?

I have a very simple skincare routine. Usually, shower gel in the shower and I exfoliate once or twice a week, then moisturiser every day. It’s not much but it feels nice to do those things for myself. I make sure I shut the bathroom door so I can have some time to myself undisturbed, that feels really important to me.

What's your connection between body skin care and self-care?

I don’t have many minutes to myself in a day, with a newborn and a pre-schooler, often taking care of myself is the last thing I have time to do. However, just carving out a little time in the day to attend to my own needs is really important. When my skin feels good, I feel really comfortable and confident and happy that I’ve invested a little time for myself.

Do you have a body skin care step that you swear by?

Once a month I try and set aside an extended time for myself to create my own “spa day”. I light candles, diffuse some essential oils, listen to music, put on a face mask and take a bath. While it’s important for me to keep up my daily skin care, this monthly ritual is so rejuvenating and restorative and really tops me up. It’s something that I make sure I do regularly.

Do you have any body skin care tips for new mums?

We spend so much time in bed in the early days. Whether trying to feed or sleep it feels like our bed is our second home. I like to keep my body skin care products on my bedside table for easy access and a strong reminder to use them. Try and set aside time for yourself, even just a few minutes a day will feel wonderful.

How do you fit in Jurlique Body Care products into your body skin care ritual?

I only use shower gels and moisturisers that don’t contain any harsh chemicals as I find they strip my skin from their natural oils. That’s why I love using Jurlique products. I especially love the scent which feels very luxurious and calming in the shower.

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