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Hands are at the very heart of Jurlique

Discover the hands behind Jurlique…

Fay Paillot, Jurlique Farm Assistant Former pro-beach volleyballer.

Fay first learned about biodynamic farming when she was living and working in France. It inspired her passion for this natural way of farming, so when she returned home to the Adelaide Hills, she was delighted to find the Jurlique Farm. And she’s been caring for our herbs and plants here since 2014. “I used to think I was a good gardener until I came to Jurlique. Then I learned so much more! Now I grow my plants at home biodynamically and I can see the difference in their quality. The veggies are bigger, and they taste so much better.”

Fay's hands

Kate Neilson, Jurlique Farm Assistant

A self-confessed country girl at heart, Kate has been part of our Jurlique Farm family since 2014. She works across all aspects of caring for our plants and herbs, and she’s passionate about biodynamics and its focus on natural farming methods. “The previous farms I worked on were conventional, so there were chemicals everywhere. I was diagnosed with asthma at one stage. But I don’t have asthma anymore, because I’m not exposed to pesticides. And everything at the Jurlique Farm is a lot healthier – especially the soil.”

Kate's hands

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