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A holistic beauty ritual is an immersive experience that addresses our skin’s unique needs. Our daily routine and lifestyle can impact our skin, meaning it’s important to cleanse accordingly for balanced, healthy-looking skin that looks its best.


Why your morning skin ritual should differ from your night skin ritual

Morning routines wash away debris and sweat from the night before and provide a smooth base for makeup, whereas evenings are more restorative, aiming to replenish and prepare for a good night’s rest. These differences between our morning and evening routines requires different cleansing rituals to best care for your skin.


Your morning cleanse

Revitalise and awaken skin as you remove any impurities. Thoroughly cleansed skin can help skincare apply more smoothly and evenly, while ensuring beautiful makeup results.


Our best-selling Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser features a blend of Coconut-derived cleansing agents in combination with Soapberry extract to cleanse the skin and remove impurities. The rich texture protects while eight handpicked botanicals, including farm-grown Rosa gallica Hybrid rebalance the senses.


For those who have normal or combination skin, reach for our Revitalising Cleansing Gel enriched with Peppermint to rebalance and revitalise. The gel transforms into a rich lather and removes excess oil to leave the skin feeling clean and comfortable.


Follow your cleanse with your chosen serum, moisturiser, sunscreen and make-up.


Your evening cleanse

An ideal evening cleanse focuses on two distinct actions: removing impurities, make-up, sweat, and pollution from the skin, then rebalancing and restoring ahead of your nightly skincare.


This can be best achieved with a double cleanse, a beauty ritual which involves the use of two cleansing products. A double cleanse is suitable for all skin types and is gentle enough that it can be performed nightly.


Who should double cleanse

Double cleansing is suitable for all skin types, however, certain skin types, such as those with oily skin, may find double cleansing more beneficial than others. Likewise, you may find double cleansing more worthwhile after a day of wearing long-lasting or waterproof makeup, sunscreen or after completing exercise.


How to double cleanse

For the first cleanse, massage 2-3 pumps of Nourishing Cleansing Oil onto dry skin to melt away surface impurities, long-lasting makeup and sunscreen. Add warm water to emulsify, rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a face cloth.


For dry and sensitive skin, reach for our Replenishing Cleansing Lotion for your second cleanse. Massage over the face and neck with your fingertips or a recyclable cotton pad to gently melt away any leftover debris as you calm, soothe and protect skin from moisture loss.


For oily and combination skin types, a second cleanse with our Revitalising Cleansing Gel helps to rebalance and address excess oil and pollution. With a touch of water, the lightweight gel transforms into a rich foaming lather that harnesses micellar technology to reawaken and refresh skin.


A sustainable cleansing ritual

At Jurlique, our recyclable packaging has been designed with the planet in mind to ensures our skincare is kind on skin and the environment. For a complete eco-friendly cleansing ritual, swap single-use cleansing tools for reusable cotton wipes and a face cloth. These options evenly apply our effective formulas while helping to lift impurities from the skin’s surface.



Discover clean skin with our botanical-rich Cleansers.



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