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This Lunar New Year, Jurlique is thrilled to partner with a multidisciplinary artist who embodies our philosophy of working in harmony with nature. Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Raku Inoue uses various methods and techniques to create works featuring organic materials like flowers, leaves and stems of various flora species1 – many of which are gathered in his back garden2. Inspired by the same botanical beauty as Jurlique, he feels a strong connection to nature, a sense of belonging, of peace and happiness2.

Raku performs a special role, in connecting art and nature he works in harmony with his surrounds. He understands the process of creation and the cycle of life, and tells the story of a dragonfly that, when he was a child, would visit his grandmother.

"From time to time, a dragonfly would fly into the living room, and my grandmother would always say it was her late husband reincarnated paying a visit. As a young kid, I was told everything eventually returns to nature. So evidently, his visits were symbolic and had a great influence on how I live today. As my grandmother would say, life is precious, during and even in the afterlife and through nature, we get to see this every day2"

Nature has taught Raku about love and appreciation. He understands the importance to which organic materials must be treated with care and respect – giving his projects back to the soil once completed so the cycle of life can continue2. It is these sentiments that Jurlique shares with Raku. From our certified biodynamic* farming methods to our support of a healthy ecosystem that contributes to each of our products, we each work to awaken the life force of nature.

Experimenting with different concepts, Raku first assembled Jurlique’s botanical ingredients into a form of tapestry inspired by pollinating species found on flower farms2. Refining his ideas, Raku has taken inspiration from rose varieties, grown on our farm in South Australia, to create exquisite patterns exclusively for the Lunar New Year edition of our Jurlique Body Oil. Raku’s patterns of light and delicate shapes are not only a devotion to nature’s craft but to the Rosa gallica extract in our Exclusive Edition Rose Body Oil that has been planted, handpicked and extracted with uncompromising care.

*Certified biodynamic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. Jurlique’s products and farm are not certified by or affiliated with Demeter® USA or Demeter International.

  2. Transcribed from existing audio with Raku

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