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Our Rose Hand Cream has been a worldwide bestseller ever since we launched it in 1993. We spoke to our co-founder, Ulrike Klein, to find out what inspired her to create our iconic hand cream.

“I did so much gardening that the Rose Hand Cream came out of necessity,” Ulrike told us.

A passionate botanist, our co-founder Ulrike used to spend much of her time tending to the herbs and flowers at our Jurlique Farm. After many long hours of working the soil, she found her hands were often dry and in need of extra care.

So she decided to develop a hand cream that would give her hands the deep hydration and protection they needed.

“Before I went out to the garden I would put on my Rose Hand Cream,” Ulrike said. “It absorbed totally into my hands and really protected them. And I would use it afterwards as well.”

The decision to make Roses the star ingredient of our new hand cream was no accident, Ulrike explained. “I grew up with Roses, so I’ve always had that connection to them,” Ulrike said. “And Roses are the queen of plants when it comes to skin care. They have a lot of soothing and softening qualities that really enhance the skin.”

“And there is something in the scent of Roses that is very soothing on an emotional level. Roses connect you to nature, to beauty within; to that place we all want to be part of. And I’ve had so many people tell me ‘It’s the greatest hand cream in the world!’.”

It seems many people still share that view, as Rose Hand Cream is one of our top-selling skin care products worldwide. And it still features the same heavenly Rose fragrance Ulrike helped develop more than 20 years ago, as well as an exclusive biodynamic† blend of potent farm botanicals that celebrate her love for nature.

Since launching our Iconic Rose hand cream, we’ve add three further variants, Lavender, Jasmine and Citrus that have also proved to be firm customer favourites.

We have recently transitioned our iconic hand creams to new recyclable packaging. Each one of our four signature hand creams still encompasses our original formula and contains a rich blend of potent herbs, all of which are grown and extracted at our Jurlique farm, in the Adelaide Hills.

Ulrike Klein

What ingredients make these hand creams our customers favourites? Our Jurlique Farm Biodynamic Blend containing:

Calendula: Great for soothing redness, calming dry, irritated or chapped skin.
Daisy: Refreshes, calms and rebalances oiliness.
Chamomile: Rebalances dryness in the skin, calms irritations, redness
Marshmallow: Humectant that helps to hold in moisture into the skin, to intensively hydrate
Rosa Gallica : Softens balances and restores the skin.
Sweet Violet: Excellent for rebalancing delicate and dry skin.
Viola tricolour (Pansy): Good for soothing dry skin conditions.
Echinacea: Soothes dry skin conditions, rebalances.
Marshmallow Root Extract: Humectant that helps to hold in moisture in the skin. Contains a high level of mucilage polysaccharides which is one of the reasons why it was chosen, thus providing a good humectant effect.
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