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Cleansing is not only an essential part of any skin care routine, it’s the first step in balancing skin types and addressing skin concerns; but are you using the correct cleanser? 

As we begin and end each day, our cleansing ritual is not simply a routine practice but a commitment to our skin care ritual that follows. Pollution, makeup, sunscreen, oil and the natural build-up of dead skin cells can make our complexions look and feel dry, dull and lifeless. By removing build up, helping to maintain hydration and supporting clear skin, daily cleansing is an essential step in keeping the skin looking radiant and healthy. 

Skin should feel fresh and comfortable after you’ve cleansed so, it’s important to start your skin care ritual with a gentle facial cleanser enriched with botanical extracts suited to your skin type and concerns. Here, we help you discover the cleanser perfectly suited for your complexion. 

For all skin types 

A cleanser should remove makeup, impurities, and pollution without drying the skin. Choose a creamy foaming cleanser to help skin feel supple and refreshed or a cleansing oil to soften and hydrate. A natural exfoliator, such as delicate Jojoba polishing beads, can refine skin texture while plant extracts can address a range of skin concerns. Seek out Spilanthes extract to help soothe the skin; Horseradish extract to help skin firmness and improve elasticity; Black Currant Seed Oil; and, antioxidant rich Black Elderflower Extract. 

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For combination skin 

A cleanser to help rebalance oiliness and moisture levels is key for combination skin. This skin type benefits from daily use of a rich lather cleansing gel to cleanse skin of impurities, excess oil and makeup. Select a cleanser containing botanical extracts such as Peppermint Leaf extract to help refresh the skin; Rosemary Leaf extract to rebalance oiliness; and Spilanthes extract to soothe so skin feels rebalanced and revitalised. 

For combination skin, discover our Revitalising Cleansing Gel 

For dry skin 

Cleansing should never make skin feel uncomfortable or tight and be gentle enough for use around the eye area. Dry skin types then benefit from a rich lotion cleanser that gently removes makeup while enriched with calming botanicals to replenish and soften skin. This skin type favours Marshmallow Root extract to help rebalance and protect dry skin; Calendula Flower extract to calm and soothe; and Shea Butter to add moisture and smooth skin.  

For dry skin, discover our Replenishing Cleansing Lotion 

A deeper clean, for all skin types 

The benefits of cleansing can be amplified for all skin types with a double cleanse, involving two different types of cleanser. Typically, an oil-based cleanser is used first to remove oil-based impurities, including makeup, sunscreen, sebum, and pollution, followed by a second water-based cleanser.  

Perfect beginnings start with the perfect cleanser for your skin type and skin concerns, and nature is full of potent botanicals to help your complexion bloom. 

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