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Hydrating Mask

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A silky cream mask to replenish and soften skin for a radiant glow.
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Texture: Cream
Type of Skin: Dry
Helps With: Dry Skin & Hydration

No more thirsty skin!
Upgrade your self-care ritual with a flood of moisture. This silky and creamy mask indulges your skin with round the clock hydration.

Jurlique Rose oil extract is infused in our Rose droplet technology which slowly releases the extract onto the skin.

Also featuring our own Radiance Blend, a combination of Rose, Lavender, Calendula and Marshmallow root extracts to rediscover skin's natural glow.

An essential for soft, radiant and hydrated skin.

Our Ritual Tip?
Apply, relax and let the delicate scent of Rose awaken your senses.

Also suitable for overnight use, apply a thin layer before bed and wake up to radiance!

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How to Use

Apply an even thin layer, once or twice a week. Avoid the eye contour area. Ritual Tip: For a moment of self care, relax for 10 minutes and massage excess product into the skin. Also suitable for overnight use.

Key Ingredients

We believe in preserving the integrity of nature. That's why we harvest each plant by hand to extract its essence and deliver an undiluted force of nature to your skin.
Jurlique Rose
Jurlique Rose has been shown to improve the skin barrier function, helping to retain essential moisture levels within the skin for a dewy, smooth look, restoring skin radiance and smoothness.
Known for its bright yellow and orange flowers, Calendula has intense soothing properties and has been used to rebalance sensitivity on the skin and throughout the body.
Lavender has a hydrating and calming effect when used in skin care and aromatherapy. It is used to rebalance dryness on the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and hydrated.