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Holistic wellness is a complete approach to feeling and looking our best, both inside and out. It typically includes components of physical, mental, and emotional health for a comprehensive perspective towards wellbeing. Discover 5 quick and easy changes to improve your daily defence and protect yourself inside and out.


Mornings with Mindful Meditation

With never-ending to do lists and a constant lack of time, we often forget to take a moment and let our mind rest. There has always been a misconception towards meditation, but mindful meditation is simply the act of clearing the mind and being centred in the present. Start small, before you head out the door, try 10 minutes of breathing exercises, breathing in from one nostril and out from the other can ease your heart rate and help start your day with a clear mind.


Protecting skin health

Daily sun protection is an unlikely but essential part of your journey towards holistic wellness. With incidental sun exposure accounting for approximately 80% of our lifetime sun exposure, sun protection should be used every day, all year round, and reapplied when necessary. Wearing a high-quality sun care lotion each day enables you to enjoy these incidental moments with confidence that your skin is protected. A daily SPF lotion that provides broad spectrum protection, such as UV Defence Daily Lotion SPF 50+ is ideal to use as last step of your skincare ritual.




Balanced breakfast

We have been told many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but while many of us know, we still gravitate towards a coffee in the morning. Breakfast is the first moment to kick start our blood sugar levels and break the fast we have been on since dinner. Eating a balanced meal therefore provides you with the right energy, vitamins, and minerals to maximise your immune system. Why not try swapping your coffee for a matcha green tea and supplement with seasonal fruit.



Easy Aromatherapy

Just a few drops and you can set and forget. Aromatherapy is a great start to strengthening the mind through the olfactory senses. We recommend diffusing a few drops of an essential oil like our Defence Blend Essential Oil Blend which can invigorate and fortify the senses thanks to its natural, warm yet bold aromas. It’s an easy change that you can implement while you get ready for your day. Discover our full Defence Ritual.


Hydration, hydration, hydration

We have probably all been told to drink more water, but many of us can forget and end up sacrificing hydrating our body for a busy lifestyle. Being well hydrated is the perfect holistic companion, it can help with sleep quality, cognition, mood and of course the quality of your skin as well. Some small and easy changes to encourage more water consumption can include setting reminders in your calendar, downloading an app that can record water consumption, adding a squeeze of lemon for a variety of flavour or simply opting for water instead of other drinks when eating out.


Complete your skin wellness ritual




Limit sun exposure and use protective clothing, hats and eye wear. Keep out of eyes. Reapply sunscreen regularly.





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