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Wellbeing Week with Jurlique

Wellbeing Week with Jurlique

As we approach the busiest time of the year, we're taking time out to encourage self-care with a week of wellness.

Join us as we learn about self-care, creating boundaries, connecting with nature, good quality sleep and how to nourish the body and mind, with our panel of wellness experts.

We’ve collaborated with five wellness experts, including our incredible spiritual sister Allira Potter, an empowerment and mindset coach and manifesting queen. Together, we’ll explore valuable tips on energy, sleep, balance, defence, and relaxation – all beautifully complemented by our new aromatherapy blends.



Recharge Your Energy with Allira, our spiritual sister and mindset coach. ✨🌞🌛

Join us as Allira guides us through empowering practices and shares her wisdom on cultivating self-care rituals that restore, balance, and uplift our spirits. Come along as she inspires us to tap into our inner energy source and find solace in self-care.  @allira.potter

Discover our new Aromatherapy Ritual Energy. 



Embrace Restful Nights with Olivia, our Sleep Expert 💤🌙⁣

Introducing Olivia, our esteemed sleep expert, and a vital contributor to our exclusive content series! Get ready to dive into the realm of restful nights and rejuvenating sleep as Olivia shares her expertise and guides us through her top five tips for achieving a peaceful slumber. @oliviaarezzolo

Discover the secrets to creating the perfect sleep sanctuary, optimising your bedtime routine, and embracing practices that promote deep relaxation. Olivia’s wealth of knowledge will empower you with actionable steps to enhance the quality of your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Discover our new Aromatherapy Ritual Sleep. 



Discover Inner Balance with Caroline, Our Expert in Finding Harmony 🌿⁣

Introducing Caroline, our dedicated expert in finding balance in our busy lives! Join us as Caroline shares her wisdom and guides us on a transformative journey towards achieving inner harmony and embracing a life of equilibrium.

With Caroline’s expertise, we’ll explore practical techniques and mindset shifts that allow us to find balance amidst the chaos of daily life. From mindful practices to nurturing self-care rituals, Caroline’s invaluable tips will empower you to prioritise self-balance and cultivate a sense of peace and fulfilment.⁣ @carolinehgroth

Discover our new Aromatherapy Ritual Balance. 



Nourish Body and Mind with Bridget, Our Expert Dietitian and Nutritionist 🥦

Introducing Bridget, our esteemed dietitian and nutritionist, and a key contributor to our exclusive content series! Join us as Bridget guides us on a transformative journey to nourish both our bodies and minds, redefining defence from the inside out. Get ready to discover the power of wholesome nutrition and mindful eating for overall well-being.

With Bridget’s expertise, we’ll explore the vital connection between what we eat and how we feel. Learn how to fuel your body with immune-boosting nutrients, antioxidant-rich foods, and balanced meals that support your defence mechanisms and enhance cognitive function 🌱

Bridget’s insights extend beyond nutrition alone. She helps us cultivate a positive relationship with food, promoting a holistic approach to well-being that nourishes our body and mind. @bridgethunt

Discover our new Aromatherapy Ritual Defence.



Destress and Relax with Jan, Our Plant Expert 🌿

Introducing Jan, our esteemed plant expert. Join us as Jan shares his wisdom on the transformative power of indoor plants in destressing and nurturing our well-being. Get ready to create a calming sanctuary with the beauty of nature right in your own home.

With Jan’s expertise, we’ll explore the therapeutic benefits of indoor plants, from reducing stress and improving air quality to fostering a sense of tranquillity, and connection with nature. Discover how the presence of lush greenery can create a serene and rejuvenating environment that promotes relaxation and well-being🌱

Embrace the transformative power of indoor plants and cultivate your own sanctuary for destressing and relaxing. @sydneyplantguy

Discover our new Aromatherapy Ritual Relax.


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