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Regardless of your age and skin type, changing seasons and weather can affect our skin. External factors such as the temperature, humidity, as well as modifications to our lifestyle means that our skin’s needs changes throughout the year, and with it, so should our skincare.


Changing your cleanser with the seasons

To keep our skin looking and feeling hydrated and radiant all year round, we need to modify our beauty ritual to the changing seasons.

With cleansing morning and night a crucial step to a holistic skincare regimen, discover how to change your cleanser with the seasons for best results.


A hydrating and protecting cleanser for Winter

To counteract chilly Winter weather, it’s common for us to reach for hot showers and indoor heating to help beat the cold. However, these common practices, combined with cold weather, can quickly dehydrate the skin, leaving it dry and dull. Our Nourishing Cleansing Oil with a gentle plant-derived cleansing agent soothes, prevents water loss and helps maintain skin’s delicate balance.




A nourishing and soothing cleanser for Spring

As the weather heats up, we often spend more time outside, with our skin acclimatising to the warming weather. If you’re (un)lucky enough to battle with seasonal allergies such as hay fever, you’ll know that this can also affect our skin’s appearance. A cleanser crafted specifically sensitive skin types, such as our Replenishing Cleansing Lotion with Jojoba, Macadamia and Avocado Oils, helps restore moisture and restore suppleness.



A revitalising cleanser for Summer

Although it’s important to wear sunscreen all year round, it’s common that harsh summer sun and time spent enjoying the great outdoors means frequent re-application to protect our skin. Add hot temperatures, sweat, and long-lasting makeup to the mix, and skin can become more oily, sporting a tell-tale hint of shine.

Summer is ideal for double cleansing as it effectively washes away impurities while nourishing our skin. For your first cleanse, melt away makeup and sunscreen with our Nourishing Cleansing Oil - it gently cleanses without having to scrub or pull at the skin.

For your second cleanse, our Revitalising Cleansing Gel’s micellar system cleanses away any leftover debris while its rich lather removes excess sebum, revitalising the skin with an antioxidant boost.


A hydrating and protecting cleanser for Autumn

Autumn can be a time of turbulent weather changes – it can mean humidity and wet weather or blustering breezes that result in chapped skin and windburn. With this in mind, an all-rounder like our bestselling Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser helps protect, with Rosehip Oil and Grape Seed Oil to deeply hydrate and soften the skin.

Changing our cleanser with the seasons supports our skin’s needs as it adjusts to changing weather, temperatures and lifestyle factors to keep skin looking and feeling its best. 


Start your journey to clean skin and shop our range of botanically-enriched cleansers.




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