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We’ve always known our signature botanical, the Rose, is more than a sweet, natural scent. Hotwired directly to memory and emotion, fragrance can have a powerful, immediate impact on our sense of wellbeing – and Roses are a powerful joy-trigger. Need more excuses to upgrade your day with a hit of Rose-tinted bliss? We’ve got four of them…

Sweeten dreams

Put your favourite Rose scent on double duty before bed. The ability of stress-defusing Rose essences to lull a busy mind to sleep is no secret, but a German study has also showed that subjects exposed to a Rose fragrance during REM had more positive dreams than those who smelled a control or unpleasant scent. Experts think that having positive dreams as we recharge could be a key to maintaining positive moods while we’re awake.


Learn faster

Deploying a shot of intense scent while learning a task, then smelling that scent again while we sleep, can help memories set faster. New things are filed in one part of the brain short-term, then etched into the cortex for permanently during sleep. Reactivating the brain with smell, a major trigger for memory, overnight can make the process more efficient. Mist to boost your night cream – and your memory.


Boost mood, relax senses

Deep breath, in and slowly out…The scent of Rose uplifts your mood and calms jumpy nerves. Inhalation of a Rose fragrance can help soothe the senses when we’re under pressure of time, a deadline or emotional stress. Spritz yourself happy.


Feel good fast

Inhaling the scent of natural Rose oil and essence can have an instant effect on the mind and senses. We’ve upped the ante with ourRosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe Edition, this year’s limited-release update of our iconic Rosewater Balancing Mist. Powered by natural Rose fragrance this intense mist gives your senses a deep, rosy bliss. In an express mist. Stash one on the top shelf, in your bedside drawer, on the desk, in a bag for on the go… You don’t need to slow down to smell these Roses – but you might want to.

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