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Bex from Cosmic Cures Is an Astrologer, female empowerment coach, crystal healer + founder of the Moon Child Sorority. She helps women align + shine with their own potential by harnessing the power of cosmic energies.

Discover self-care by the moon with Cosmic Cure

Just as the Moon goes through phases, so do we. Sometimes the Moon glows bright in the night sky and demands attention; sometimes it disappears into the shadows for a period of retreat. Sometimes we are beaming and full of vitality; sometimes our energy dips.

Self-care doesn’t always mean staying in and having a candlelit bubble bath. Sometimes the best form of self-care is heading to meet friends and laughing long into the night, or taking yourself on a solo dinner date, or exploring a new exhibition or part of town with a loved one. Depending on what phase the Moon is in (ie: waxing or waning) and where the Moon is currently positioned (ie what zodiac sign it’s in), then our needs differ throughout the month. We can look to these two things to gain greater inspiration for self-care practices and greater understanding of what we need.

What’s more, your needs change depending on your own Moon sign. Your Sun sign aka your Star Sign is the zodiac constellation that the Sun was in when you were born. Your Moon sign is where the Moon was positioned. 

The Sun is yang energy and represents our ‘outer self’. It indicates our purpose in life and our ‘ego’. The Moon, however, shows our ‘inner self’ and is receptive, yin energy. Our Moon sign shows our hidden, most private parts that aren’t immediately obvious to others. These are the traits that come naturally to us, that we often fall back on. It’s where we retreat to and find a sanctuary or seek nurture in. It also indicates how we act under stress and pressure, and how we can self-soothe.


First: what’s your Moon sign?

This gives an indication of your personal needs when it comes to self-care, self-soothing and nurture.

If you don’t know your Moon sign then you can head to or or write your date of birth into Google followed by ‘Moon Sign’!

If you have a Fire Sign Moon: (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): These Moon signs needs action. Your self-care will usually be taking the initiative, making plans and asserting your independence. Exploring somehow, or doing something exciting, fun and different, is a way you self-soothe. Some kind of activity based experience is also enjoyed. 

If you have an Earth Sign Moon: (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): These Moon signs are restored by being in nature. This can mean a grounding meditation with your feet on the earth, waking in a beautiful forest or mountain, hiking, or pottering in the garden. There is also a need to feel secure and stable for these Moon signs. Tending to the physical body – whether through massage, exercise or yoga – will help these Moon signs feel nourished and secure. They often need to feel like they’re keeping busy or doing something of ‘practical’ use so it can be hard for them to switch off!

If you have an Air Sign Moon: (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): These Moon signs need to gather information to feel secure. If they are anxious, then getting more facts or understanding the situation sooths them. Self-care can also be found in companionship and the relationships they forge – spending time with others, exchanging ideas, feeling validated and enjoying the company of friends. Expanding the mind via reading, exhibitions and galleries/art is also a form of self-care. They often thrive in group situations and this is how they feel restored.

If you have a Water Sign Moon: (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): These Moon Signs often need to have a sense of belonging and intimacy with others. There is a need for emotional depth and they will want to talk openly and deeply about feelings in order to feel soothed. One to one interaction, where they can form close emotional bonds and reveal their vulnerabilities/have a shoulder to cry on, is necessary for their sense of comfort. They also need to take time away from the energetic drains of others, as they are more empathic than other signs and require this privacy to restore them, otherwise they can ‘soak up’ negative energy or just expend it all on other people.


Now: how we can align with the monthly lunar phases to practice self-care

Every month, the Moon goes through 8 major phases. Each of these phases has an effect on our moods, our energy, and our needs. Because the entire set of 8 phases actually takes 27.5 days, each month is ever so slightly different. This is why the date of the Full Moon and the New Moon changes on a monthly basis.

The 8 Phases are: New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter Moon, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last/Third Quarter Moon, Waning Crescent



A New Moon is traditionally when we begin the lunar cycle. This is the point of new beginnings and fresh starts. It’s the lunar phase over which we set our intentions for the next 4 weeks, and can be seen as a kind of ‘new dawn’ every month. For that reason, taking some time to write down what you want to attract into your life, and how you want to align yourself, is very powerful over this Moon phase.

A New Moon occurs because the Sun and Moon are in the same constellation, and so the Moon appears to disappear from the night sky. When we look up there is darkness. The Moon hasn’t gone – she’s simply retreated, just as we sometimes need to retreat into privacy. When we are denied the light stimuli from the Moon, our other senses prick up, including our intuition. Self-care practices over this phase include meditation, yoga and breath work to centre yourself. Take some time alone to notice what emotions, feelings and memories come to you. This is a powerful time for reconnection. Journaling is also a wonderful tool over the New Moon as it encourages us to ask questions of ourself and our ‘inner knowing’ that we don’t usually listen to. I always encourage some kind of moon ritual over a New Moon, whether it’s joining a ceremony (online or holding one with friends) or just taking time to write your intentions for the upcoming month.


In the few days following the New Moon, the Moon will appear to reappear in the night sky. As the Moon moves away from the Sun, more light is reflected from the surface, so we get that glorious sickle shape that we associate with the Moon. ‘Waxing’ means growing, so each night the Moon appears larger.

As the Moon grows in size, our energy increases. This is a wonderful time to use that dynamic energy to start putting plans into place. We are motivated to take action and begin things. We feel soothed and nourished when we initiate plans. It’s a great time to make plans with friends, commit to an exercise routine, explore somewhere new and broaden your horizons.


A week after the New Moon is the First Quarter Moon. When you look into the sky the Moon will appear sliced in half. Over this Moon it’s really important to notice where you are losing patience or wanting to ‘give up.’ The first blocks appear over a First Quarter Moon, so self care includes watching how you talk to yourself (are you being a cheerleader for yourself?) and looking ‘outside the box’ at other options you could be led towards.


The Moon is still growing each night (waxing) but now it is that slightly rounded, plump shape known as a Gibbous Moon. This is a time for abundance and celebration. Sharing the love with others, having a party, going to events… all of these things are fantastic to do. Your energy should be higher over a waning gibbous so you can put more effort into relationships, projects and experiences.


Half way through the cycle and two weeks after a New Moon is a Full Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are directly opposite each other on the zodiac wheel. The full force of the Sun’s light is shining on the Moon. This can be a very emotional and sensitive time, or you can feel very active, scatty and restless, depending on which sign the Full Moon is in. Things tend to come to the surface over a Full Moon, including our limiting beliefs. Over this Moon, it’s important to check in with your own energy. Sometimes you will feel drained and it’s a good time to just spend alone. Other times you’ll want to be surrounded by friends and socialise. Listening to your intuition and inner needs in order to nurture yourself is essential over a Full Moon. Getting to bed early is also advised, because sleep can be seriously disturbed over a Full Moon – and don’t forget to keep a note of dreams in your journal!


Now the Moon is half way through the cycle and is returning back towards the Sun, it will appear to shrink/get smaller each night. This is its ‘waning’ phase. Over a waning gibbous we are still enjoying the abundance and celebration of what we have achieved over the lunar cycle so far, and can also start to focus on what we can offer ourselves and others. This is a great time to do something for another person – offer your help, be of service or treat them to a gift – and also to buy yourself a gift. This can be an experience such as a spa treatment or product, or give yourself the gift of an afternoon at leisure to read your book!


This is the stage of the lunar cycle that arrives a week before the next New Moon, and we can see it as a kind of ‘cleansing’ stage. This is a great time to clean and declutter – sort through your desk/receipts/to do lists, organise your cupboards/wardrobe, and have a relaxing bubble bath or shower as a physical ‘cleansing’ to release stagnant energy. It’s also a very powerful time to forgive anyone you feel has wronged you, so you can release negativity before the next New Moon and fresh set of intentions.


The Moon is back to its slither of crescent and is getting smaller each night. Your energy will naturally be depleting, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself over these days. Early nights, time spent with loved ones, nourishing meals, enjoying your own company – all of these are advised around a Waning Crescent Moon, and generally nothing where you’re having to expend too much energy or ‘put on a show’ in any way!

Now you know the style of self-care each Moon phase encourages, you can find out what zodiac sign the Moon is on a daily basis in order to get inspiration on what kind of self-care activities to enjoy!

You can check what sign the Moon is in via, by googling, or the Cosmic Cures Astro-Guide subscription.  

Aries: Beginning projects, exercise like boxing, cardio or martial arts, being action oriented/ticking things off a to-do list, doing something high adrenalin like an amusement park or going on a date, following a passion project, having sex.

Taurus: Making a nourishing meal, indulging in luxury (ie wearing a favourite cashmere jumper, buying your favourite chocolates, having a glass of wine alone or with friends), spending time in the home, snuggling in bed, getting massages (especially the neck), pampering spa treatments, spending time in the garden, going shopping.

Gemini: Socialising, reading, going to a bookshop, crosswords, calling a friend for a chat, replying to all your Whatsapps, seeing siblings, Sunday papers.

Cancer: Cooking for friends and family, baking, domestic pursuits, housework, spending quality time with family, bubble baths, early night, ordering your favourite takeaway, watching a weepie movie.

Leo: Going to the theatre, watching your favourite movie, karaoke with friends, painting or creative pursuits, spending time with children, watching comedy, having a social media cull. 

Virgo: Going on a walk in nature, tidying up your space, clearing your emails or inbox. Unsubscribing from junk emails. Making a healthy meal. Doing a low impact strengthening workout like barre or weights.

Libra: Going to art galleries, sorting through your wardrobe and wearing your favourite uplifting outfit, going on a date, seeing friends, hosting a party, having a makeover, getting your hair or nails done, going shopping, redesigning your living space.

Scorpio: Having deep and meaningful 1:1s. Being intimate with others. Sex. Having some alone time to work through your feelings (or physical self-gratification!). Purging: decluttering or cleaning your space.

Sagittarius: Going on a trip or planning a holiday, watching a documentary or listening to a podcast that expands your mind, learning something new, studying, exploring somewhere you’ve never been before. Trying something new: a restaurant, style of cuisine, museum exhibition. 

Capricorn: Working on a long term goal or project, literally working (over a Capricorn Moon we self-sooth by working towards our ambitions!), rock climbing, being in the garden, watching shows that are also informative ie quiz shows and cookery shows. 

Aquarius: Spending time with friends, going to a party (where you can leave when you want!), time alone to explore somewhere new and feeling unencumbered by others (especially good to walk in open space where you feel free and connected to nature/space) charity work, selfless acts, astrology, bird watching, astronomy/star gazing. 

Pisces: Dancing, reading/writing poetry, meditating, yoga, watching a rom-com, picnics in the park, being by the sea, lie-ins,



For example, if the Moon is waxing in Cancer, why not try a new recipe you’ve never attempted before and share the love by inviting friends round? 

If the Moon is Waning in Sagittarius, why not plan a night in alone with a documentary or film you’ve been meaning to watch, or take some time along to explore a new part of town alone, enjoying your own energy.

If it’s a First Quarter Moon in Capricorn, you might want to brainstorm your career and make a vision board about your dream job as a form of self-care! 

If it’s a Last Quarter Moon in Pisces then swimming in the ocean to cleanse yourself then dancing away any lingering negative energy is a beautiful way to honour this Moon phase.


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