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Most of us know Marshmallow as the pink or white confectionery. But the use of Marshmallow Root dates back to ancient times – and our ancestors knew there was much more to this plant than fluffy candy.

Marshmallow Root’s botanical name, Althaea officinalis, reveals why it has been so revered throughout history. Althaea means “to heal” and the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates used Marshmallow as a wound treatment.

Today, Marshmallow continues to be used to soothe and hydrate dry skin. The Marshmallow plant has short, rounded leaves and small, pale flowers. But it’s what’s in the root that makes this unique plant so effective. Marshmallow Root contains a high percentage of thick, syrup-like liquid called mucilage, which has intensive hydrating, softening and balancing properties.

The Marshmallow Root’s ability to attract and retain water allows it to provide lasting hydration to the skin. It forms a protective barrier that helps rebalance dry skin and prevent moisture loss to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.

This is why our founders, Ulrike and Jurgen Klein, made Marshmallow one of our founding crops at the Jurlique Farm more than 30 years ago. Today, we use Marshmallow Root Extract in over 70 Jurlique products, including our NEW Activating Water Essence.

Activating Water Essence

What other ingredients are in our NEW Activating Water Essence?

Calendula – Soothes, protects and moisturises

Neem – Conditions and soothes

Lavender – Hydrates and calms

Rosemary – Invigorates and restores

Horsetail – Hydrates and balances

Witch Hazel – Clarifies and firms

Nettle – Rebalances and refreshes

Peach Leaf – Revitalises, regenerates and protects


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