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A celebrated Jurlique icon, we share our favourite ways to enjoy a misting moment. 

Our skin is how we connect to the world around us, and there is tranquillity to be found in the life force of nature. Where skin care is selfcare, a misting moment is the opportunity to rebalance, refresh and rehydrate. Take time throughout the day to mist the complexion and awaken the senses with lightweight drops of nature’s own botanicals as we share our favourite ways to use a face mist. 

Good morning sunshine 

If skin is feeling dehydrated or in need of awakening after a night of slumber, a face mist is the perfect opportunity to refresh and hydrate skin for the day ahead. Containing skin-loving botanicals, a face mist is also the must-have component in your daily skin care ritual. Lightly mist onto face or mist into hands and gently press onto the skin. Treated as a toner, skin is softened with a dewy finish, or use after makeup to set your look. 

All day everyday 

Whether life has you on-the-go, skin feels dehydrated or you’re simply in need of a mood changer, a face mist is the ideal handbag or deskside companion. For all skin types, all day, any time, antioxidant rich botanical ingredients may help protect from daily environmental aggressors. And by cooling the skin on contact, face mists are ideal after a gym workout or as a cool down on warmers days. 

Rest and relax 

Awaken the senses with the power of natural botanical face mist fragrances. Take a moment of selfcare to uplift your morning, soothe the senses during a busy day, or calm the mind before a meditation ritual. Choose your scent and lightly spritz on face, decolletage and body to rebalance the skin, and your mood. 

From sunrise to sunset, harness skins natural radiance with the power of face mists.  

Summary: Face mists harness the power of natural botanicals to enliven skin, morning to night. 

Instantly hydrate skin when it needs it most, with our iconic Mist Collection.


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