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At Jurlique, our journey has always been about more than just skincare. It’s about the positive impact we can make on our community, employees, and the planet. Join us as we uncover the story of becoming a Certified B Corporation and our ongoing commitment to the highest standards of social and environmental impact. 


What is a B Corporation? 

B Corporations (or B Corps) represent a global movement of companies using business as a force for good. These are businesses that meet the most stringent standards of social and environmental performance, sustainability, public transparency, and legal accountability. B Lab, founded in the USA in 2006, is a non-profit organisation that puts businesses to the test, assessing their overall impact and the benefit these companies have on the environment, community, employees and customers.  

In the world of beauty, where fast trends and quick turnovers often overshadow sustainable practices, being a B Corp sets a new standard. It's about making a positive impact, not just on the skin but on society and the environment. 


Jurlique's Commitment as a B Corp 

For Jurlique, this certification is a natural progression of our ethos. From our bio-dynamic* farm in the Adelaide Hills to our environmental and educational initiatives and our shift towards sustainable packaging, our approach to skincare has always been grounded in respect for nature and community. As a B Corp, we're now part of a group that shares these values, committed to driving a global movement of using business as a force for good. 


Our Achievements and Practices 

Achieving B Corp certification wasn't an overnight feat. It's the culmination of our continuous efforts over many years:  

Environmental Leadership: At our farm in the Adelaide Hills, we replenish and respect the environment with a dedication to bio-dynamic* farming since 1985. By nurturing the land using natural processes, we've helped pave the way, reducing our environmental footprint while enhancing the potency of our ingredients. Our dedication extends to every aspect of our operations, from our solar-powered warehouse facilities to our reduced water consumption and commitment to zero waste.   


Sustainable Innovations: Employing Life Cycle Assessment, we meticulously evaluate all new packaging materials. Furthering our sustainable efforts, we partnered with TerraCycle to tackle the challenge of recycling traditionally hard-to-recycle items. This collaboration has successfully led to over 150,000 pieces of empty packaging being recycled since 2018.  


Formulation Excellence: Our formulation charter sets a high standard, going above and beyond industry norms. We adhere to stringent selection criteria for all materials we procure, including those bearing RSPO certification for palm derivatives. We also select suppliers who share our ethos for locally made, low-impact production and continual improvement.  


Community Engagement:  The Jurlique Green Team leads the charge in environmental and educational initiatives, fostering a culture of sustainability within and beyond our walls. By partnering with like-minded organisations and charities, we work together to take collective climate action, rejuvenate areas devastated by bushfires and support local communities. At Jurlique, we also strive to put our people first, consciously crafting a workplace culture where employees can truly thrive with a robust program dedicated to enhancing the overall well-being of our people.  


The Impact on the Beauty Industry 

As a B Corp, Jurlique stands at the forefront of a shift in the beauty industry. We're not just creating skincare products but shaping an industry to be more responsible, transparent, and committed to the greater good. It's about inspiring change, where every purchase supports ethical practices and sustainable growth. 


A Promise for the Future 

Our journey to B Corp certification is just a chapter in our ongoing story. It's a promise to our customers, our community, and ourselves to uphold these standards and continue pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a conscious skincare brand. At Jurlique, becoming B Corp certified is just one more reason why feeling good starts from within. 


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