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How indoor plants can help you destress with Jan Gettmann

How indoor plants can help you destress with Jan Gettmann

Self-care is often associated with practices like meditation, journaling, skincare rituals and bubble baths. But our personal environment can also play a major part in enhancing our mental and physical wellbeing. 

Environmental self-care isn’t just about heading into the great outdoors and connecting with the elements to unwind; it is about enhancing our environments, whether at home or the office. And one of the best ways to create a relaxing space is by adding a little greenery.

Someone who knows a thing or two about greenery is Sydney-based plant expert and verified green thumb, Jan Gettmann.

We caught up with Jan to find out his self-care routine and how plants impact his sense of wellbeing.



 “Self-care is finding something I'm passionate about, and for me, that's plants.

I have a very busy corporate day job. I spend a lot of time in front of screens, so being able to sit down, switch off and be surrounded by all of these beautiful plants really helps me to calm down, feel connected to nature and relax.”



Connecting with nature and incorporating it into my home really helps me feel grounded.

It's really about the journey of growing them. It's nice to step back and look at the plants. They're really slow, they take their time. Growing plants has taught me patience and that it's okay to take things a little slower.



My favourite plant at the moment is my Philodendron Glorious. As part of my selfcare practice, I like to set goals. I like to get really small plants and grow them as large as possible in an indoor environment.

When I first got this plant, it was so small, and after three years of continuous care, I've been rewarded with these really large leaves.

Setting that goal, tracking the progress and achieving it is extremely rewarding. It keeps me motivated and is good for my wellbeing.


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