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How do you use Jurlique’s Aromatherapy range?

Our Essential Oil Blends can be used alone in a Diffuser to impart a mood-boosting scent to your space or combined with a Jojoba carrier oil for your desired benefit

The range’s Soaking Rituals can be dispensed into water and pressed into the skin to impart skincare benefits and improve mood. Simply dispense 8-10 drops to a basin of warm water, dip a face cloth in the mixture, and compress into the face and décolletage while inhaling deeply.

For a full-body experience, dispense up to 20 drops of your preferred Soaking Ritual into a warm bath to nourish the skin and body while rejuvenating the mind with the formula’s aromatherapy benefits.


What are the different Aromatherapy Rituals?

Our Aromatherapy Rituals target specific needs. They are a delicate cocktail of botanical oils featuring native Australian ingredients to help achieve your wellness goal.

Energy, Balance, Sleep, Defence or Relax, there is a unique blend for every situation whether you are starting a busy day, studying for an exam, getting ready for an event or simply winding down for the night.


What are Essential Oil Roll-ons?

Our Essential Oil Roll-ons provide a multitude of benefits, providing a sense of wellbeing for your skin, mind and body. Use our Roll-Ons on the go or upon waking or sleeping. 


How do I store my Aromatherpy Ritual?

We recommend safely storing the Jurlique Aromatherapy Ritual away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to avoid over-exposure to light. Ensure the lids are screwed tightly and securely to protect them from evaporation.


What is a Soaking Ritual?

A Soaking Ritual dispenses a blend of essential oils and carrier oils into warm water before these are imparted onto the face and body to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Aromatherapy benefits can be achieved by application to the skin with a carrier oil or inhalation. A soaking ritual incorporates both of these techniques in it’s application methods.

Our Soaking Ritual Relaxing features a unique blend of lavender, chamomile, geranium, orange to calm and destress the body and mind while soothing and hydrating skin. For an uplifting experience, our Soaking Ritual Energising features Rosemary, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Palmarosa and Olibanum essential oils to renew and rejuvenate.


How do you add a Soaking Ritual to your self-care?

Dispense 8-10 drops of your Soaking Ritual to a basin of warm water, dip a face cloth in the mixture, and pressing into the face and décolletage while breathing  deeply, to calm and hydrate stressed skin while soothing the mind. The Soaking Ritual imparts the skincare of potent Essential Oils while the natural scents uplift your mental wellbeing. 

For full body benefits, add up to 20 drops of your preferred Soaking Ritual to your warm bath to cocoon the skin in potent essential oils and for a sensorial spa experience at home. The bath Soaking Ritual immerses the whole body in a complete wellness experience that cares for skin, nourishes the body, and rejuvenates the mind.


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