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Born in Tokyo, Japan, and now based in Montreal, Canada, Raku creates art from the natural beauty that surrounds him. Inspired from the nature he has foraged; he transforms flowers, petals and stems into beautiful works of art. Often gathered from his own back garden, Raku’s creations are elevated by botanical beauty and celebrate the life force of nature.

Inspired by our belief in a healthy eco system and working in harmony with nature, we sat down with Raku to discuss his work on our new Five Roses Exclusive Edition.

What was your inspiration when working on the Exclusive Edition Mist and Hand Cream Five Roses for Jurlique?

The source of inspiration for the mist and hand cream was its ingredients and the environment in which they are produced. The lush biodiversity and the care that Jurlique has for their farm in Australia was very inspiring. The idea of incorporating different pollinators – butterflies and ladybugs – seemed like a great concept since they are essential to maintaining good health and ensuring the longevity of the environment. It is an homage to the wildlife that inhabits the beautiful Jurlique farm

Who are the women that inspire your work?

My grandmother has been a big influence on my affinity for insects. She often took me to the local park to hunt for beetles and cicadas during summer. She would teach me a lot through these creatures such as value of life. Even small insects desire to live a fulfilled life. She has also taught me to recognise various species that inhabit Japan, and that's when I realised that there were so many with distinctive characteristics. I am hoping to bring that out through my creations

Where do you see a connection between your work and Jurlique?

Both Jurlique and I share the same love and respect for nature and what it offers us in terms of materials and humanity's wellbeing in general. We constantly take so much from nature so anything that we can do in order to give back is mandatory. Whether it's to open discussions or to create initiatives, we both agree that action is the most important step toward nature's conservation and the continuation of all life forms towards a better future.


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